Dota 2 isn't known for its simplicity, so it's fitting that a tournament for the game would be equally complicated. Here's what's going on.

The International, an upcoming Dota 2 tournament, had an initial prize pool of $1.6 million. Those who are interested in setting up fantasy teams, earning in-game rewards, or just keeping a closer eye on competitive Dota 2 can purchase the Compendium, a digital book, for $10. From each purchase, $2.50 is sent into the grand prize pool.

Since the Compendium released in May, the pot has grown to over $2.7 million. By the numbers, that means over 400,000 Compendiums have been sold. Breaking the $2.6 million mark unlocked a new Immortal item for Compendium owners; the next and final reward will be available when the prize pool hits $3.2 million, and will allow Compendium owners to select the next Hero for Dota 2.

The International will be held from August 7-11 in Seattle.

[Source: Valve via Destructoid]


Our Take
Leave it to Valve to offer one of the most compelling ways to experience e-sports. I bought the Compendium earlier this year during a time-sucking Dota 2 phase. Just for purchasing it, I received an in-game courier. The rewards have since expanded to include more in-game items, and if I had more knowledge of Dota 2, I'd probably check out the included fantasy team features. I try to limit my time with this game, but I'll be glued to my computer monitor from August 7-11.