Klei Entertainment is getting ready to give gamers a 30 minute look at its upcoming turn-based stealth title, Incognita. Tomorrow at 11 AM Pacific, members of the team will show of a prototype and take your questions.

Tune in tomorrow on Klei's Twitch channel to the the game in action. You can also visit the official forums now to get an idea of the vision behind Incognita.


Our Take
Klei is known for a variety of titles that are linked by their vibrant, hand-drawn art style. Shank, Don't Starve, and Mark of the Ninja are all very different experiences, but the Klei signature is the gorgeous pallet and evocative visuals.  

These developer livestreams are a great opportunity to see a title in its early stages and ask questions of the developers. It's also a solid chance for them to hear from fans and take suggestions and feedback into the studio to make improvements.