Step into PopCap’s Plants Vs. Zombies Comic-Con booth, and you might think the zombie invasion has already begun. The space is filled with jumbo Munny figures, each custom painted and sculpted to match the studio’s popular franchise. If one of them catches your fancy, you might be in luck. The figures will be auctioned off next week to raise money for the Child’s Play charity.

The figures were created by a variety of artists, including some from DICE, BioWare, and Double Fine. Many of them stay close to the source material, such as an uncannily accurate version of Crazy Dave, while others take looser interpretations of the game's fiction. Take that poor sucker above, with the sunflower bursting from his skull. It might not be canonical, but it's pretty great looking.

For more information on the auction, and to see a gallery of all of the Munny figurines, visit The auction begins July 22.