According to recent tweets from Irrational Games co-founder and creative director Ken Levine, he's still working to get a BioShock game started up on Sony's Vita handheld.

Late last week Levine went on a question answering spree from his Twitter followers when one of them asked about the latest on the BioShock Vita game that was announced way back at E3 2011.

"I talked to both Sony and 2k about it yesterday. Trying to make a match," he replied.

Another follower asked what he meant by making a match. "Trying to get the 2 companies to sign off," Levine clarified.

Back in February, he stated that BioShock Vita was not currently in development, but that he was still hopeful. More recently, he updated fans on the status of BioShock Infinite's DLC. Somehow he's also squeezing in writing a script for an upcoming Logan's Run movie remake.


Our Take:
Mr. Levine must really like Sony's portable platform. He seems to have made it a passion project of sorts. The fact that 2K and Sony are still willing to meet with him about it could be a good sign, but if it hasn't happened yet after two years maybe development funding just isn't in the cards. 

[Source: PlayStation Universe]