Developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts released update 2.2.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. The update features Nightmare Mode Operation: Legions of Scum and Villainy, the second of two parts to SWTOR’s Operation Nightmare.

Scum and Villainy primarily faces players against the Hutt cartel. In-game rewards included with the update are a new Titan 6 Containment mode and the elite Kell Dragon gear set. 

The update falls just before the 10th anniversary of BioWare’s 2003 game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. To celebrate this milestone, EA and BioWare are giving the community a few goodies next week. SWTOR players can purchase the title “Revan’s Heir” from the cartel market for 10 cartel coins on July 15. Cartel coins will also be given away throughout that day on the official SWTOR Facebook page. Lastly, BioWare creative director James Ohlen will release a blog post on July 15 that discusses KOTOR and its influence on The Old Republic. 


Our Take
Although a SWTOR update of this size may not seem especially significant to fans or players, it's nice to see BioWare and EA taking time to commemorate Knights of the Old Republic. KOTOR is arguably one of the best Star Wars games created to date, and a 10th anniversary celebration certainly incites some curiosity. Will we see a KOTOR anniversary re-release? Will we ever see another KOTOR game?