Sony announced during its E3 press conference that it would use Sony Pictures and Sony Music to bring original programming to the PlayStation 4. With a recent trademark application, we might be seeing the first steps of that plan.

On the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, Sony filed for the trademark “PlayStation TV.” The trademark application is dated on June 26 of this year. The application reveals little else about PlayStation TV, but is marked as a service.

Additionally, IGN reported on a “dead” version of the PlayStation TV trademark filed in September 2006. It was abandoned last September.

[Source: USPTO, IGN]


Our Take
We don’t yet know what PlayStation TV is, though following Sony’s recent E3 announcement, it’s not unreasonable to expect something to come of this. If this does turn out to be a movie and television streaming service, it will have to be priced fairly to compete with Netflix and Hulu Plus. The other, more optimistic possibility is that Sony may intend to launch PlayStation TV as a free service exclusive to PlayStation Plus, adding another incentive for owners to subscribe to the online service.