It was originally known as Ruin, and it was one of the tentpole titles of Sony's PlayStation Vita announcement. After a name change to Warrior's Lair and a trip to development hell, it is no more. Sony has canceled the title.

The title was originally under development at Idol Minds (creators of PSN human slingshot simulator Pain) and later Sony's San Diego studio. As of April of last year, the most clarity that we had on the title is that it wasn't canceled. No release date or even window was provided.

Now we know. If you've been holding onto a pre-order in the vain hope that this title would finally be released, it's time to go get your money back.

[Source: IGN]


Our Take
I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Warrior's Lair (neé Ruin) was the game that sold me on the Vita's cross-play potential. The system still has a giant hole where an action-RPG/dungeon crawler should be. Here's hoping that we see one soon.