Microsoft’s Marc Whitton took the stage along with community manager Ashton to show off some of the new online sharing features for the Xbox One.

The system has a built-in DVR to record gameplay moments, and you can use the Upload Studio to tweak footage, add bumpers to your video, record commentary, and post it online.

Ashton showed herself playing Ryse, while she waited for a multiplayer game to be queued up in the background. Once her game was available, she switched over to play a round of Killer Instinct.

They also showed the new timeline which shows real-time statistical updates on what you and your friends are doing. You can see exactly what players are doing, where they are, and their progress. All of these Live functions can be relegated to SmartGlass so you can handle those kinds of things off-screen.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with You will be able to broadcast your gameplay to Twitch followers, and have chat rooms similar to the interface of using Twitch online.

Finally Microsoft announced that with the Xbox One, Microsoft Points will officially be a thing of the past. We can finally use money to buy things on the Xbox One. Imagine that.

What do you think of these new additions?

Head to page two to see the full press release for Twitch on Xbox One.