With Microsoft finally revealing its next-generation console called the Xbox One earlier in the week, there has been no shortage of official news and editorials responding to the announcement. If you're looking for something a little different, the community has once again provided a fine collection of blogs.

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An Ode To The Gaming Television
Declining prices in consumer electronics means most homes contain multiple televisions. LetMeGetToACheckpoint reminisces on the importance of this vital component in his gaming system.

Top 5 Games We Morally Shouldn't Love, But Do
Long time Game Informer blogging extraordinaire, Hist analyzes a few video games testing the limitations of our moral compass with gameplay we shouldn't enjoy but often do.

The Top Ten Female Companions In Games
There have been a lot of discussions lately focused on the quantity and quality of women video game characters. Mr Turkey joins the talk with a list of his favorite female personalities.

6 Games That Are Better At Night
Jeremy Sturgill shares his thoughts on how playing some video games at night can result in a different experience while including a list of games that support his theory.

Top 10 Obscure DC Characters That Should Be In Injustice
How well do you know your comic book heroes and villains from the DC Universe? With NetherRealm Studios open to bringing new characters to Injustice, thegodofwine7 lists his picks he'd like to see.

If I Were The CEO Of Nintendo
With no new major Wii U titles and Nintendo still recovering from financial losses from previous years, criticism continues to grow about one of the biggest names in the industry. Apricot shares some solutions.

The Console Wars: Resisting Conformity
One of the most popular albeit somewhat controversial blogs of the week, The Destroyer opens with guns blazing before turning his sights on the big three consoles and his own personal preference.

Making The Arkham That Batman Deserves
With not one but two outstanding and widely popular Batman Arkham games, it's only natural for fans of the series to muse about news of the next title in the series, which is what Tim Gruver does in this blog.

The Meta-Horror Beneath Dark Souls
Many have suffered the brutally challenging difficulty level dispensed by Dark Souls. David Chandler pens a persuasive piece chronicling his personal reflections of such a hauntingly cruel game.

Surviving Metro 2033
Kyle Wadsworth continues his trend of providing exceptional blogs featuring lots of screen shots with his latest post highlighting his time playing Metro 2033 in preparation for the release of Metro: Last Light.

Top 10 Mummies In Gaming
The ongoing quest for random Top 10 lists continues as xl9's latest blog unearths his favorite video games featuring those once living beings who have been preserved in death that we call mummies.

Community Reviews:

Tomb Raider – Video Review
Craigaleg submits a beautiful analysis complete with a video review for Tomb Raider, arguably one of the best games of 2013 and featuring Lara Croft with a fresh new look.

It May Be Shattered, But It's Far From Broken
Paradigmthefallen offers a solid review for the Wii version of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a game he claims is one of the most compelling in his collection before awarding it an impressive 9.5 out of 10.

Vigil Games' Death Was Not In Vain
Review scores for Darksiders II appear to be scattered across the board with some enjoying the game and others not so much. DrJoeystein praises Vigil Games for their final title before closing up shop.

No More Heroes 2 Review
Reviews for the Wii are somewhat rare but seb100172 shares his thoughts on No More Heroes 2, an action hack and slash video game where you take on the role of an assassin named Travis Touchdown.

One Of The Craziest First-Person Shooters On PS3
Dust 514, the long-awaited Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) released exclusively for PlayStation 3, is finally available and jenifferhomes has a thorough review for it.

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