The hot topic of the week seems to be about the next generation of video game consoles and despite a record low number of blogs submitted by the community, the good news is a majority of them were really good. It also marks another week of exceptional user reviews with a number of them being featured in this episode of Blog Herding.

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Period Reviewed: May 06 – May 12, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 46
Number of User Bloggers: 35
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Community Blogs:

This Generation Is Not Dead Yet
With the next-generation consoles about to become the current generation, LetMeGetToACheckpoint isn't ready to dismiss the gaming goodness still being released on what we have available today.

The Five Best Things About The PS4
Many gamers are anxiously waiting to see what features the next Xbox will offer, but McLain Tate focuses instead on the next PlayStation and what details have been announced for Sony's next console.

Light The FUSE And Watch The Fireworks
Paradigmthefallen plays the demo for Fuse and provides a compelling synopsis for those who might be interested in this third-person shooter from Insomniac Games.

Four Things The Next Xbox Can Do To Be More Accessible
Anticipation continues to build for Microsoft's looming press conference to discuss the successor to the Xbox 360. Josh Straub considers a few accessibility features he'd like to see implemented.

The Always On-Line Debacle
Tim Gruver gears up for Microsoft's big next-generation console announcement this month and ponders the controversial issue of what a persistent online connection might mean for gamers.

It's Not The Story; It's The Performance
An interesting piece from GoldvsSilver exploring various game mechanics, the impact they have on the audience, and how he thinks a spectacular performance even more than story is the key to success.

The 7 Most Brutal Drownings In Video Games
He's come up with some original lists before, but thegodofwine7's latest collection tackles the darker side of gaming with a focus on death perpetrated by drowning. Don't worry though, it's not that dark.

REVIEW: Hyperkin SupaBoy
If you never had the opportunity to play an original SNES or if yours gave up the ghost years ago, born4this reviews an aftermarket product that will let you play your favorite SNES classics.

Top Three Alien Species In The Mass Effect Series
Jeremy Sturgill explores his favorite three alien species from the Mass Effect series in what might be a contestable subject but one that can certainly be entertaining to discuss with fellow gamers.

Identity Crisis?
A short but relevant blog from AshaMan3000 examining Grand Theft Auto V's unique mechanic that allows you to control different characters and the impact this might have.

Community Reviews:

No More Heroes (Wii) Review
If you're a Wii owner waiting for more must-have Wii U games before upgrading, you might be interested in checking out No More Heroes and this review provided by seb100172.

Bioshock: Infinite – Setting The Bar Sky-High
While most of the media fanfare for Bioshock Infinite has finally subsided, the positive review scores continue to accumulate, including this solid review from dimension_11.

Gears Of War: Judgment Review – A Stalling Chainsaw
The one-time crown jewel exclusive to the Xbox, Gears of War's popularity has diminished since the original. Hannibal's review of Gears of War: Judgment doesn't sound very optimistic for the series.

Pandora's Tower Review
Pandora's Tower, an action role-playing published by Nintendo, was finally released in the United States back in April. Edward Roivas shares a thorough analysis of the game.

Blood Dragon Review: Blinding Cyber Love
Kflame210 reviews Blood Dragon, the somewhat unusual downloadable content (DLC) for Far Cry 3, reminiscent of a 1980s action flick that many are finding to be surprisingly fun.

Journey: Beauty, Emotion, And The Joy Of Adventure
Tim Gruver is one of the latest to experience the magic of Journey, a title many offer as evidence that video games are art. For Tim, it's an experience he calls a "once in a generation experience worth taking".

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