Today sees the formation of a new publisher bringing together Xseed Games and Atlus Online under one roof. Marvelous USA, formerly Xseed JKS, Inc., will see the Xseed label continue to publish on PC, console, and handheld platforms. The online component, purchased from Index Digital Media, Inc., will operate under the Marvelous Online name and handle mobile and social titles.

Consumers should see no change, as Xseed will continue to publish the same type of titles under the leadership of Ken Berry, who has been at the helm since 2004, prior to the publisher's incorporation. Most recently, Xseed published Pandora's Tower, and fans of Suda 51 have their eyes on his next title, Killer is Dead.

According to the press release, between the two branches of Marvelous USA, the company employs 40 people in its Torrance, California offices.

The full press release can be found on page two.