Winners have been chosen!

Congratulations to Azaiatavin, TheBritishness, and Starbucknessmonster. Check for messages and get back to us with the info we requested. Thanks to all that entered.


As you might have heard, a few of us have been defending the San Francisco Bay Area (circa 2046) from mutants, raiders, and our favorite critters, the hellbugs. We've got two different contests to tell you about that will help you get into both the game and the show.

Trion Worlds and SyFy Channel have announced a new contest that will see an intrepid Ark Hunter rendered in an upcoming episode of Defiance. Trion and SyFy are being cryptic about how and where the winner will be featured, but it's very clearly not a walk-on role.

In order to enter, players must enter a special code into their account (code and instructions here), complete a player-vs-enemy and a player-vs-player "pursuit" (in-game goal set), and work to accumulate the most battle-won salvage. Full instructions are available on the official page, and the press release is on page two of this story.

Of course, you need to play the game in order to have an opportunity to win your appearance. We've got three copies of the Ultimate Edition of the game (which comes with a messenger bag, hellbug statue, art book, in-game perks and currency, and a one-year season pass. We've got one copy for each platform (PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3). 

In order to win, tell us why you should win a copy of the game and how you're going to become the best ark hunter you can be. Leave a comment below, and be sure to note which platform you'd prefer. The drawing will end tomorrow, Wednesday May 1, at 5 PM Central.