The next map pack for Gears of War Judgment, Call to Arms, arrives on April 23, 2013, for season pass holders and April 30 for everyone else. The pack sports three new battlegrounds including the train terminals of Halvo Bay, a hospital that fell in an early Locust attack, and a mass graveyard.

Additionally, the DLC pack comes with a brand new "Master at Arms" mode that tasks players with scoring 20 kills, one with each of the game's firearms. Melee and grenade kills don't count. As players progress, their weapons will be swapped out with the next in the series. This is similar to a mode found in 007 Goldeneye Reloaded. Ten achievements for 250 new gamerscore points and new armor and weapon skins are included.

The pack will be available as part of the season pass or individually for 1000 Microsoft points.

Check out the screenshots of the new maps below and the full press release on the following page.