We've been cranking out the Super Replays lately, finishing Luigi's Mansion and Dynamite Cop in the last couple of months. A whole bunch of goofy crap happened in both of them, meaning there's prime material for some t-shirt designs. Here are the guidelines for the new contest(s):

  • No tracing! Submit only original fan art
  • No backgrounds! The final image should have a transparent or solid color background
  • Send designs as .png, .jpg, .gif, or .bmp. Keep the original PSD in case we need any tweaks

Also keep in mind that the design should be good for a t-shirt. Crazy-detailed drawings are cool and all, but simple designs are often best. Take a look at our other Super Replay shirts to get a sense of what winds up winning.

Send your entries to reiner@gameinformer.com, and we'll pick a winner for both Luigi's Mansion and Dynamite Cop. If your design is picked for either, we'll send you a prize from the vault. Good luck!