Game Informer readers may remember Will Brierly from our recent interview with him discussing several aspects of the gaming industry. Now he's promoting his latest project, Vivian Clark, on Kickstarter. An early version of the game already exists inside Soda Drinker Pro (check out the video below to see how to access it). 

Vivian Clark is tricky to describe, but looks intriguing. The storybook art style follows a raindrop that becomes whatever it lands on. And then that thing gets eaten by something and you control that. Apparently, there are a ton of different paths and combinations that all end with you becoming the raindrop again and starting all over with a totally new experience.

Currently, the game has around 40 levels, but Brierly is hoping to pump it up to 150 and add in a bunch of bell and whistles. He's hoping to raise at least $20,000. As of this post, funds are currently around $600 so there's a ways to go in the remaining 28 days.