Based on the number of user reviews and the handful of blogs submitted by the community, the hot game of the week was Dead Space 3, a game that Game Informer hailed as one of the best games of this generation. In addition to all of the Dead Space 3 chatter, there were some other great blogs posted including the ones featured below.

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Period Reviewed: February 04 – February 10, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 102
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Community Blogs:

Rayman Legends Delay
Apricot takes a thorough look at the impact of Ubisoft's decision to delay Rayman Legends, the former exclusive Wii U title that is now releasing on the other consoles as well.

Everybody Loves Rayman
Another fan annoyed over Ubisoft's decision to postpone Rayman Legends, Tim Gruver voices his displeasure with the move and admits it might influence future purchasing decisions.

When The Environment Games Back
LetMeGetToACheckpoint reflects on the role the environment plays on immersing the player into the game and cites a few examples of how the little details can have a big impact on how you see the world.

The Used Game Issue: My Stance
With all signs pointing to next-generation consoles employing technology that will render used games obsolete, Zachary Hall considers the impact this initiative might have on the video game industry.

Back From The Brink Thanks To My Favorite Gaming Series
It's been awhile since we've heard from veteran member Noobtubin8er who stops by long enough to endorse the Mass Effect series and promote the features that make it such an amazing franchise.

Already A Classic
WS-N finally gets around to finishing Call of Duty: World at War and shares his thoughts on why he thinks this big hit from Treyarch is already a classic and one of the better titles in the franchise.

What Next Generation Consoles Won't Have
Jack Gardner posts a brief summation regarding the next generation of video game consoles and his predictions on potential features that are likely to not be included as standard equipment.

Gamers Are NOT Into Gaming For Innovation
Mike, an aspiring video game developer in training, explores the topic of innovative gameplay and questions whether gamers prefer the familiarity of a proven technique or desire something new.

The Games That Play Us Back
There are several key ingredients to making an exceptional video game and ADAMMWOOLLEY talks about how none are as important to him as a well-scripted and emotionally moving story.

Why You Should Always Read Multiple Reviews
AshaMan3000 imparts some words of wisdom regarding the value of video game reviews and how trusting a single review might persuade you to not try a game you might otherwise enjoy.

Top 10 Video Game Cities
Whether you completely agree with thegodofwine7's list of the top ten video game cities or not, there is no denying the locations he's included are some rather spectacular places to visit.

The Story Of Griffball
Cameron Koch teaches us the concept and history of Griffball, a popular game type found in Halo 4 that loosely resembles rugby with its simple premise of smashing enemies and scoring points.

Four Things I Miss About Last Generation
Former Game Informer intern Josh Straub reflects on a few elements inherent to the last generation of gaming consoles (the one before Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) that he finds himself missing.

Organic Storytelling: Narrative Through Play
The very talented writer we call David Chandler entertains us again with his musings about the fine art of balancing narrative control with player interaction while including examples to illustrate the point.

Community Reviews:

Dead Space 3
Game Informer called Dead Space 3 one of the best games of this generation and based on the high marks in his review it would appear John Wrek agrees with the prognosis.

A Flippin' Good Time, Mun!
Reviews for Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch are somewhat mixed but mostly positive, like this one from LaLiLuLeLo, who admits the game is a masterpiece and rather addictive.

Uncharted: 2011's Must-Play Action Experience
Tim Gruver revisits one of the great games and crown jewels exclusive to the PlayStation console as he plays through Uncharted 3 and summarizes his escapades in this comprehensive review.

Dead Space 3: Out Of The Frying Pan
Another satisfied gamer singing the praises of Dead Space 3, Mike Mahardy's review eloquently captures the essence of the game without spoiling any of the vital details.

Lush, Bloody, And Insanely Fun
In his review of Far Cry 3, arguably one of the best shooters of 2012 that raised the bar for other First Person Shooters, warlord5531 discusses his time on the deadly tropical island paradise.

Community Podcasts And Videos:

Armchair Gamer Podcast Season Three Episode One "Team Ico Show"
For those that remember, the AGP returns after an extended hiatus. For those who are new, welcome to a community podcast created and hosted by GIO featured blogger, Light Gamebeast23456.

The JACKED UP Indie And Mojo Show Episode 57
All three hosts are present on the latest episode of the show that covers a whole gambit of topics including Dragon's Dogma, Assassin's Creed III, Journey, and even The Hobbit movie.

Digi Bros. Now Playing: Dark Souls Episode 3
Jack Gardner and his friend Cory continue chronicling their exploits in Dark Souls with another episode of their Dig Bros. video series, where they play games while chatting about the experience.

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