As they do each month, Kongregate has once again provided us with details about their current best offerings. All of these games are playable for free, and the selections and descriptions below have been provided by Kongregate's Rebecca Francis. Give them a chance and let us know what you think in the comments section.



This adventure-RPG (seen above) is somewhat reminiscent of classics like Legend of Zelda, but it contains ninjas and beautifully Eastern-inspired hand-drawn art.  Save up money from your pursuits to purchase new, deadly moves, and unlock ever-bigger areas to explore.


Are you ready to make all the science? Play as a delightful green blob as you navigate through a maze of experimentation in this puzzle-platformer. An homage to Portal, this game is both lovingly pixelated and hilariously tongue-in-cheek.



There’s really nothing you can’t do in this brand new arena-based FPS, including lots of building. Sure, you can create maps in which others can do battle, but you can also play a death match mode in which you can build and destroy the map, making for super exciting guerilla warfare. 


Have you ever been frustrated that you couldn’t play online games and practice the ancient art of Origami at the same time? Now, you can! This clever game brings a breath of fresh air to the puzzle genre, and folding on the dotted lines is strangely addictive.

Frantic 3

One of the most challenging online arcade-style shooters is back, with this latest episode of the Frantic series. New modes, new upgrades, and your choice in new ship styles make this the best way to put your piloting skills to the test.

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