Electronic Arts has announced that it will be creating a website, SimCityEDU.org, that teachers who use SimCity for educational purposes can look to as a resource in the classroom. The site will offer educators the ability to create and share lesson plans that are built around SimCity.

The SimCityEDU initiative comes from a desire to advance STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) with the help of Electronic Arts' city building simulator. Yesterday, Electronic Arts began its SimCityEDU initiatives with a meeting in Washington D.C., and a panel at the US Conference of Mayors, where a discussion about how to advance STEM learning with SimCityEDU's help was held.

On January 21, the day president Obama will be re-inaugurated into the White House, Electronic Arts will be in Washington D.C. hosting a "Learn, Build, Create" after-party that will feature SimCity, along with promised celebrities like John Legend, Pharrell Williams and Malin Akerman.

SimCity releases on March 5.

[via Electronic Arts]