A beta tester has apparently leaked info for Bethesda's Skyrim DLC Dragonborn, and it looks like there will be plenty for fans to look forward to.


TheOuthousers has a slew of info about the DLC, including a clutch of new shouts: Cyclone (creates a small tornado), Bend Will (a dragon will fight for you), Dragon Aspect (ancient Dragonborn will fight with you, dragon armor, and more), Dragon Riding, and more.

The post also includes story details, such as what leads you to Solstheim in the first place – the tester gauges the DLC's story at about 10 hours long. New weapons, locations, armor, and spells are listed individually.

For more on the DLC, check out this latest batch of screens.

The Dragonborn DLC comes out on December 4 for 1600 Microsoft points on Xbox 360. No PC or PS3 release dates have been announced.