Before checking out the latest round of blogs from the community how about a little video game history? On this day back in 2001, Bill Gates hands over the first Xbox video game system ever sold to Edward Glucksman of Keansburg, New Jersey, at the Toys "R" Us store in New York City shortly after midnight.

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Assassin's Creed III: God Bless America
Assassin's Creed III is the latest big-name game to release this year, and while some have criticized its gameplay and ending, footthumb seems to have a much brighter perspective of the game.

Some Wishful Thinking For The Next Generation
Video games have evolved by leaps and bounds and will very likely continue to do so into the future. Hannibal composes some thoughts and ideas he'd like to see from the next generation of gaming.

The Force Is Strong In These Birds
What happens when you mash up one of the greatest movies of all time with one of the most popular smartphone games of all time? AshaMan3000 discusses the answer here if you don't already know.

A Change Of Tradition
Halo 4 is witnessing the success and popularity you would expect from the next episode in the series, but DJH reflects on the legacy of the Halo universe and why it's different for him this time.

The Evolution Of Wrestling Games
Wrestling games have certainly evolved since the days of Pro Wrestling on the NES and Hawke5 categorizes a number of the games available during his virtual wrestling career.

Call Of Duty: Defending The Detractors
With the looming release of Black Ops II, Call of Duty has been the topic of discussion by many including this response from Jon Gregory aka JMan240 over Dan Ryckert's Defending Call Of Duty column.

Playing In A Digital Storybook
David Chandler shares his colorful perspective of The Unfinished Swan, a creative game relying on a predominantly black and white color palette to deliver a profound visceral gaming experience.

In Honor Of...
Whether you're a fan of Halo or a newcomer to the series, GoldvsSilver recapitulates the entire Halo universe in this lengthy but informative blog that reveals everything you need to know about the series.

Dear John – My Letter To Call Of Duty
The second blogger in as many weeks to post a farewell letter to one of the video game industry's most popular titles, Noobtubin8er cleverly announces his break up with Call of Duty with this Dear John letter.

 A Good Loser Is Hard To Find
Oni no Tenshi muses about the fine art of losing and how a Game Over screen doesn't necessarily mean you can't select to continue and press on to victory.

Community Reviews:

RFXRage's Review Of Assassin's Creed III
One of the best Assassin's Creed III reviews submitted by the user community, RFXRage provides a thorough write up to include a handful of screenshots for one of the year's biggest title releases.

Halo 4: The Chief Is In Good Hands
Jake Magee expresses his delight with Halo 4 in this solid review that focuses on the single- and multiplayer components of the game and how 343 Industries exceeded all of his expectations.

A Satisfying Blend Of Old And New
Many are praising Halo 4 as the best chapter in the series and this review from Cameron Koch acknowledges just how great he thinks the game is.

The Shining Visual And Pop Culture Spectacle Of Borderlands 2
Noobtubin8er evaluates Borderlands 2, a game that he gives near perfect marks to and a game definitely in contention for the coveted Game of the Year award.

A Return To Wacky Tennis
The Monster Hunter takes to the court to evaluate the latest Mario sports game with his review of Mario Tennis Open, only available on the Nintendo 3DS.

This Time Sonic Is Worth The Bug!
A comprehensive assessment of Sonic Colors provided by ad0234, examining the good and bad of what the game has to offer before awarding the game a final score of 8.0 out of 10.

Community Podcasts:

Robot In The Corner Podcast: Episode 3-3
This week, Dean asks Titus some questions about publishing his book, Pneumadiluvians, and Wes shares his impressions of Assassin's Creed III. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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