The recent release of Borderlands 2 kicked off the fall season with near instant success, and with only three months left in 2012, there are still a handful of prominent titles on the way. To pacify your time in between games, enjoy this week's collection of blogs submitted by your fellow gamers.

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The Extra Life charity event is only a few weeks away and quickly approaching. If you haven't contributed yet and you're interested, it isn't too late. Contact Mojomonkey12 or Noobtubin8er for all of the details.

Community Blogs:

Inspired by one of Megan Marie's Cosplay stories and Dan Ryckert's review of Dead or Alive 5, ace13 shares her thoughts on how women are still often misrepresented by some video games.

What Makes A Horrific Experience?
ThisFreakinGuy isn't afraid to offer his thoughts on what it takes to make a horror game as he discusses the various elements that will likely summon a certain degree of fear in those who play them.

From A Parent's Point Of View
A brilliant allegory from Noobtubin8er that on the surface seems to be him chatting about parenthood, but if you read between the lines you might think he is actually talking about certain gamers.

Corridor Of Time
Stranger takes a unique look at the concept of time and how it assumed a vital role throughout the history of video games, including a few specific instances where it manifests itself in the game.

Gaming Is The Best Medicine
Video games often get a bad rap for everything from being time wasters to causing violence but Craigleg points out some of the therapeutic benefits you don't usually associate with gaming.

What Makes Spec-Ops: The Line So Revolutionary
A pointed analysis of Spec-Ops: The Line courtesy of Enigma that clearly reveals his opinion about traditional shooters and how this particular game supplies a uniquely different experience.

Why Halo 3: ODST Deserves More Recognition
With the imminent release of Halo 4 quickly approaching, Hannibal reminisces over Halo 3: ODST and points out why the game deserves more attention than what it received.

Stop Spilling The Beans!
GoldvsSilver discusses the fine line between promoting a game under development to keep gamers interested and releasing so much information it spoils the experience when it's finally available.

Some Videogame Character Small Awards
A humorous post written by Mike whereby he creates awards for unusual accomplishments and assigns them to the various video game personalities most deserving of the recognition.

Am I Going Blind?
AshaMan3000 describes his frustration with some horror games that use darkness to create a scary atmosphere and how, when it is used excessively, it can have the opposite effect.

Building A Better Fight Scene For The Games We Love
The mechanics for fighting games might seem relatively simple and straightforward, but opposedcrow88 highlights a few ideas from fighting games to improve the genre.

How The "Open Source" Culture Has Influenced Gaming
Marco Polo takes a candid look at the influence open-source software has had on the video game industry and relays his interpretation of what it all means.

I Love You, BioWare
Responding to the unexpected announcement that the Doctors are leaving Bioware, quasiconundrum weighs in on the news and how the decision might impact one of EA's most profitable divisions.

Video Games Have Made Me A Better Person
Joyful Penguin associates the connection between video games and the valuable life lessons he's learned from playing them in this piece that many of us can certainly relate to.

30 Days Of Mass Effect
Many bloggers have undertaken the 30 Blogs in 30 Days challenge, but none have devoted the entire series to one game, until now. Orochisama LEVON's series devoted to Mass Effect is extraordinary.

Community Reviews:

A Sequel To Die For
Craigaleg prepares another one of his ingenious reviews, this time examining Darksiders II in great detail with a short write up and video clip showcasing the highlights of the game.

A Flawed But Ambitious Open World Experience
Review scores for L.A. Noire seemed to be scattered, with some loving the game and some not so much. Louis Marcos gives it a fair look and expresses his thoughts on the experience.

Dare To Compare To Tekken Tag 2
A short and concise review of Dead or Alive 5 provided by Rip-Wire that compares the game with one of its biggest competitors, Tekken Tag 2. Check it out and see which game fares better.

Community Podcasts:

The JACKED UP Indie And Mojo Show Episode 46
The regular hosts welcome special guest and fellow GIO member Craigaleg to the show as the group discusses Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Extra Life charity event.

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Video Game Quote of the Week:
"Put fear and self-concern behind you. Focus your will on your objective, accepting death as a possibility." – Narrator, Karateka