Sony won't admit how many people subscribe to it's premium online gaming service, but they did release a number of interesting stats. One Game Informer stat is that 34 percent of the time we use the word "interesting" very liberally.

Kotaku recently got a bead on some interesting PlayStation Plus statistics. There we go, using that work "interesting" again.

  • 13 million: The number of hours of play-time that games in Plus' Instant Game Collection (the batch of free games offered to Plus subscribers) in the two months after the IGC was launched in early June.
  • 12 million: The number of Trophies players unlocked in Instant Game Collection games in those two months.
  • 93%: The percentage of players who intend to renew the service, according to a Sony survey (as long you renew Plus, you keep access to the games in the IGC; if you cancel, you lose access).
  • 97%: the percentage of Plus users who tell Sony's survey-takers that they're extremely happy with the survey (ticking one of the top two boxes, or options, when answering how happy they are with the service). Sony says this is up 50% over a prior survey, from presumably before the IGC began.

What do you think of PlayStation Plus? Do you subscribe? What would entice you into subscribing?