Back by popular demand! You told us that you wanted more, so here is a look at more of the stupid Pokémon crap we saw at TGS 2012.

Rockstar can't make it to E3, Gamescom, or PAX, but it makes a special trip to TGS to show off its most Japanese centric title

More than any other show we attended, TGS's booths seem more elaborately decorated after the theme of the game they display. Many of them are a sight to behold. Literally you have to see them to behold them

Down in the front row you can see that one of Kojima's fans came to see him speak

A few people chill out at the Lost Planet 3 booth

At the Sony booth, people jack into the matrix and play games with their mind

Much like the game, the walls of the DmC booth attacked passersby, which brings new meaning to hitting the pavement (!)

Mock trials were held at the Ace Attorney booth. Defendants were insulted until they cried...and then their pinky fingers were severed from their hand. Japanese mock trials are slightly less intense than their actual trials

Phoenix Wright silently judges his fans

You probably don't know her yet, but she's going to be a superstar. Apparently she's also going to be a man. ...I'm actually more curious about why this was happening at the Capcom booth

Part of the show floor is sectioned off for shops such as this Square Enix Music Shop

That action figure in the back of this figure display kind of looks like me

Square's new board game, called Coming Soon, looks a little like Dragon Quest

Seconds after this was taken, that dragon ripped the head off that poor girl and then turned her body into napalm. The crowds went wild...with cheering. Japanese people love that s---

Another one!?!?! How many girl bartender games are they going to make?

If you misses yesterday's coverage of the show, check it out here.