It's Friday the 13th, so that means we're all playing scary games like Castlevania, Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mass Effect 3, and Fez. Admittedly, none of those are horror games, except for maybe the first, but we all celebrate the holiday in our own special way.

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I’ll probably return to Skyrim. It’s a daunting game to go back to (despite having already played about 50 hours, I barely scratched the surface of the main story and a couple guild arcs), but I’ve got a hankering for some more giant open-world action again. I think I’ll also play the Sniper Elite V2 demo, after watching Tim’s amazing nutshot video.

Tim Turi: This weekend I aim to play a bunch of Skyrim and finish up my mage thief’s business in Winterhold and at the Thieve’s Guild. I also want to dig into Castlevania: The Adventure on the original Game Boy. I have the game paused on the final level, so I just need to stick it to Dracula and I can be done!

Ben Hanson: Along with the rest of the world, I’ll most likely be trying out Fez tonight. Geez, I can’t believe the quick turnaround on this game. It seems like it was announced yesterday! I’ll also pour a lot more time into Xenoblade Chronicles, it is oh so great. Have a good weekend!

Jason Oestreicher: It's Friday the 13th time again so tonight will be spent basking in its cinematic glory. While watching, I'll be downloading both Skullgirls and Fez - probably play 'em too. I'll also be working on the synergy of my Julia/King team in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Kyle Hilliard: I am going to beat Mass Effect 3! Unless I start playing Fez.