I'm here in Boston for PAX East 2012, and the show floor is filled with all sorts of cosplaying and general nerdery. I've got my camera with me, and I plan on snagging a few shots as I scramble from meeting to meeting. Here's what I've seen on the show floor at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Day One:

[Above] Samara reunites with FemShep.


Borderlands 2 has a huge presence at the 2K booth.


Attendees enjoy a large PC gaming area.


Harley Quinn and a creature of some description get down to some Dance Central 2. Hiding behind Harley is former GI editor Annette Gonzalez.


The Ghostbusters try to decide if Minecraft's creepers fit within their jurisdiction.


Rockstar may not always show up at E3, but they made sure Max Payne had a spot on the PAX East show floor.


A feminine take on Mega Man and Proto Man.


Gamers revisit classic arcade games in a dedicated room on the second floor.


I don't know what this thing is, but I got away as quickly as possible.


There were plenty of opponents for fans of tabletop gaming.


Pit stands guard over the 3DS demo units.


One man enthusiastically pitches mustaches while his partner texts.


A Dungeon and Dragons creature does its best Kerrigan impersonation.


John Drake of Harmonix performs at Rock Band Night with Giant Bomb editors Patrick Klepek and Alex Navarro, moonlighting as a 3DS print ad model and mic stand, respectively.


Link ditches the Ocarina for an electric guitar and wails on Nintendo 64 melodies near the taxi line to close the show.