Lionhead has revealed the box art for its upcoming Kinect game Fable: The Journey, while appealing to hardcore gamers. If the idea of hopping around your living room like a goof makes you ill, the studio is trying its best to reassure you that this is one Kinect game that deviates from that format.

"If you own a Kinect – or are planning on buying one in the near future – and you are a serious gamer who doesn’t want to jump around their living room, then this is the game to look out for," Lionhead wrote on its official site. Since the game was announced at last E3, Lionhead has also battled against the notion that it's on rails. You can judge for yourself later this year, when the Xbox 360 exclusive hits. In the meantime, memorize every detail in the image below so you know what it will look like on store shelves. May I suggest starting in the upper-right corner and working your way to the middle in a counter-clockwise spiral?