It's the weekend! It's (finally) cold outside! That means video games! Here's what the GI staff will be playing:

Jeff Marchiafava: This weekend I plan on continuing my quest for the complete domination of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. I’ve got most of the city covered, including the completion of all the Professor Genki SERC challenges, which were by far the most difficult for me. All that’s left is to finish up some stray challenges and finish off the story mode. Once Saints Row is out of the way, I plan to finally jump back into Skyrim, which I will probably continue playing until the day I die.

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend I will build a shelf. I will then place that shelf in a closet, and upon that shelf, I will place shirts. After that I will finish playing Metal Gear Solid 3 HD.

Jim Reilly: I’ll be getting all the stupid Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham City while I pray to the gods that Dark Souls actually gets some DLC in the future.

Joe Juba:  I'm still waiting for the concentrated chunk of time I need to dig into Skyward Sword, but in the meantime I've been continuing to play Saints Row: The Third. Without much of a concentrated effort, I managed to get the most annoying accomplishments out of the way, so I may try to hit the 1000 achievement point mark on that one this weekend.

Jeff Cork: I'm working the news shift this weekend, so I probably won't be playing much. My kids could probably convince me to take a break now and then to play Skylanders though. Or Saints Row the Third. Father of the year!

Andrew Reiner: This weekend I hope to party more than any person ever has. If my antics don't make national news, I did something wrong. When I'm not out and about, I'll be at home playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and working on monster designs for my board game Project: Grendel.

Phil Kollar: As far as I can tell, I'm mere hours away from wrapping up the very lengthy review game I've been working on. Look for more info on that soon. Once I get that done, I'm hoping to play a bit of Star Wars: The Old Republic, or maybe I'll join the rest of the staff in spending some more quality time with Saints Row: The Third. I'm flying to San Francisco on Sunday, so I also grabed Devil Survivor: Overclocked for the 3DS out of the vault.

Matt Miller: As has been the case for several weeks running now, The Old Republic looms large in my weekend plans. Every night is a debate between leveling my bounty hunter with a heart of gold over on the Empire side, or saving the galaxy with my Republic-loving but overly flirtatious Jedi Knight. Meanwhile, an incomplete playthrough of Uncharted 3 might easily draw me over to the couch and my console. Only time will tell.

Your turn! Let us know what games you'll be playing this weekend in the comments.