Before BioWare started creating console sci-fi blockbusters like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, studio co-founder Ray Muzyka started making a kung fu game that never saw the light of day.

Called Five Fingers of Death, the game would have been a lighthearted combination of Baldur's Gate-style gameplay and classic kung fu movie sensibilities. Production got far enough to have something to show publisher Interplay, but it didn't get beyond that.

"We took it out to Interplay and they laughed us out of the building," said Muzyka at this year's DICE summit.

Of course, we eventually saw some of those kung fu influences surface in Jade Empire (pictured above), but that was more focused on action than strategic pause-and-play combat.

Still, Five Fingers of Death would have been an awesome name for a game.

(Source: IGN)