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Video Game Release Dates: Don’t Hate, Enjoy the Wait…

Sometimes the wait for a highly anticipated title will allow you to appreciate the experience even more once the game finally hits retail. According to Saint, "...if we allow ourselves a moment to enjoy the waiting game that comes with the development of nearly every game in development, then its longevity is prolonged and I think in the end, we enjoy it more and felt like we got our money's worth."

I Love Dying

Super Meat Boy gets dying right in this difficult platformer. Stormfront explains.

Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 15 - Axe Cop

The Robot in the Corner Podcast is 15 episodes strong! In the latest entry you can catch an interview with Axe Cop's Ethan Nicolle.

Bethesda's One Weak Point: Character Animations

Fife is excited about TES V: Skyrim, but his enthusiam isn't without concerns. If there's one thing that Bethesda can improve upon in the upcoming installment is character animations. Do you agree?

App Attack: Cut the Rope

Apozem recognizes some of the hottest apps available for iPhone. In this post he highlights the incredibly adorable Cut The Rope.

PS3 Collections: More Than Meets The Eye?
Derreck goes over a few games that deserve the collection treatment and explores the trend of collection releases preceding brand new installments in a franchise.

Five Books That Should Be Made Into Videogames

Seriously, why hasn't there been a full Lord of the Flies video game release? Rob Ebert explains.

Minecraft Beta Get-Together!

Ultrasound180 wants to get a few GIO members together on the same server! Details in blog post.

Staff blogs you may have missed: Phil finished 31 games this year, Reiner's a fan of ketchup robots, and Andy posts his Letter From The Editor about our Top 50 list.

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