I'm confident that Valve will release Half-Life 2: Episode 3 within the next ten years. When this day comes (crosses fingers and toes), gaming's most lovable robot companion Dog (Sorry, Clank. He kicks your ass) should make a return to action. Given how long we've already waited for this sequel, Valve must have something special cooked up. Either that, or the game will be 500 hours long with 56 different endings.

Since Half-Life fans are doing nothing but sitting on their hands as they wait, they may want to take up a craft that could take a year to complete. That's right, the Papercraft version of Dog took sculptor Gollum999 roughly a year to create. "I actually have been working on this model for... umm... a little over a year, I think," says Gollum. "Well, depending on your definition of working. I worked on it for a good two months when I first started, but then real life reared its ugly head once again. Well that and TF2. So I kinda stopped working on it for like...six months. But then I realized how long it had been sitting on my desk unfinished, and I decided that I had procrastinated long enough. So I've spent the past four or five months trying to finish it up. I actually finished test building it about three months ago, and I told people it would be publicly released within a few weeks. (Obviously, it wasn't.) Yeah, umm... sorry about that. >.< I had a lot more to fix than I had originally anticipated. But whatever, I'm done now."

Test building for three months? Papercraft is serious business. Gollum's effort paid off. His paper sculpt of Dog looks as detailed as any action figure out there, and it doesn't even look like it's made from paper. If you're interested in building your own papercraft Dog with Gollum's instructions, you can download it right here.