If the headline made you groan, don't blame me. I originally wanted to run with "Before They Were Dead: Call Of Duty LEGOs," but Game Informer's Jeff Cork thought it was too disturbing of a message for a headline, and instead said I should go with something like "Block and Load." After calling Jeff a spineless loser, I decided to run his headline...out of spite.

Feel free to drop Jeff an angry email if you like, but do so after you check out the amazing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 LEGOs by the appropriately named Amadgunslinger. Along with many of the familiar faces from Modern Warfare 2, Amadgunslinger has also created dioramas, including one depicting a stealth knife toss. On the second page of this article you'll find other video game-inspired LEGO creations by Amadgunslinger. Be sure to check out his photo stream for other non-game projects.