Who says LEGOs can't tell stories? LEGO builder CREATION K.O Creation has assembled a diorama that draws inspiration from classic role-playing video games, and in a way, tells a story of 12 adventurers trying to rescue a damsel from an evil sorceress and her pet cyclops scorpion. It would appear that the party only has 12 minutes left to down their foes. Thankfully, they have fire, spiders, explosives, and a trident at their disposal. The jester is also full-up on magic so he should be able to deal a considerable amount of damage...if he can figure out how to get into the castle. Each side of this diorama offers plenty to look at, including a strange gremlin that I don't think is a LEGO. If it is, please let me know what set it is from. I'd love to add that to my collection. For more images, check out Creation's gallery here.