The long dormant Oddworld series has been a fan darling for some time. Unfortunately, it’s also been dormant for a long time. Rejoice, because developer Just Add Water has just announced that they will be resurrecting the property.

Twitter entity AbeMudokon recently linked to a post on Just Add Water’s site, which talks about how the developer has been working for some time to bring the series back alongside Oddworld mastermind Lorne Lanning. The post mentions multiple projects on multiple platforms.

“To work with the team at Oddworld has been amazing; being able to tap the minds of Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna and others has been fantastic,” said Just Add Water’s Managing Director Stewart Gilray in the post.

We don’t have any details about the project yet, but Just Add Water is a team of developers who specialize in digital delivery projects, so it’s likely these new Oddworld projects will be a downloadable. We just hope the new games are as clever and demented as fans have come to expect from the series.

[via Joystiq]