The BBC is planning to release four free adventure games based on the best sci-fi show on television. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will start appearing on the BBC's website in June, and tie into the narrative of the just-started fifth season of the show.

We can assume that these are adventure games from the title, but further gameplay details are unknown. The new Doctor and companion, Matt Smith (who has massive shoes to fill) and Karen Gillan (pictured. Also: yowza!), will be digitally recreated for the games, and Doctor Who scribes Phil Ford (The Waters of Mars) and James Moran (Severance, Torchwood Children of Earth) will pen the scripts.

"There aren't 13 episodes of Doctor Who this year," said the BBC's Piers Wenger in a press release. "There are 17 -- four of which are interactive." Here's hoping! Free-to-download licensed games don't exactly inspire confidence, but much of the creative talent behind the show is involved, so these at least have a chance.

Either way, both the show and these spinoff games will undoubtedly be better than Stargate (that's right, Reiner. I said it!).

Anyone else up for some free Doctor Who content? I know I'm playing through these even if they're of dubious quality.