PlayStation 3 owners who've been saddened by a poignant lack of JRPGs on the system (especially compared to the flood of them on the PS2) can officially move past the mourning stage. White Knight Chronicles launched this week, and now we've discovered that a new NIS America JRPG, Last Rebellion, will be arriving on February 23.

The PlayStation Blog has a helpful post from Nao Zook, NIS America's PR/marketing coordinator, explaining just what Last Rebellion is. From the post:

"It takes place in a world called Jonovald, which is governed by two gods: Meiktilia who presides over the death of all people and the destruction of all things, and Formival who presides over the birth of all people and the creation of all things. Meiktilia blesses two types of people with special powers; Blades and Sealers. Blades have the skills to destroy the physical structure of things, and Sealers use magical abilities to destroy the metaphysical, the spiritual structure of things. The two main characters are Nine who is a Blade, and Aisha who is a Sealer."

If all of that intense fantasy lore hasn't scared you away, you can check out the full PlayStation Blog post for more details on the characters, abilities, and world of Last Rebellion. Based off this info, will you be enlisting in the rebellion come February 23?