James Cameron's Avatar, the Titanic director's multi-gazillion dollar 3D sci-fi epic about a race of Smurf-like furries that live on a dangerous, faraway planet, is getting set to hit theaters on December 18th. However, the enterprising movie/music blog Playlist recently discovered that the tracklisting for the film's soundtrack – already available for sale – essentially gives away the major points of the movie's plot. Looks like the Na'vi are in for some serious trouble! Read on to see the tracklist which, in case we haven't made it clear, contains some major SPOILERS. Note: the last song, "I See You" is purported to be the "My Heart Will Go On" of Avatar.

Avatar Soundtrack CD tracklisting:

1. “You Don’t Dream in Cryo…”

2. Jake Enters His Avatar World

3. Pure Spirits of the Forest

4. The Bioluminescence of the Night

5. Becoming One of “The People”, Becoming One With Neytiri

6. Climbing Up – “Iknimaya – The Path to Heaven”

7. Jake’s First Flight

8. Scorched Earth

9. Quaritch

10. The Destruction of “Hometree”

11. Shutting Down Grace’s Lab

12. Gathering All the Na’vi Clans for Battle

13. War

14. I See You (Theme from "Avatar")