This weekend the FourZeroTwo Twitter page had good news for PC gamers: "No delay on PC for Modern Warfare 2." The tweet written by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling also states there will be Prestige Mode and Steam support with minimum specifications to be released soon.

The bad news? On a podcast released by Call of Duty fansite Bash and Slash, Bowling said matchmaking within MW2 would rely on proprietary server technology called IWNet that will not allow users to host their own dedicated servers. Mods and custom maps may be unlikely as well.

As the news spread over the weekend, PC gamers have taken to forums to encourage canceling pre-orders. An online petition that has received nearly 65,000 e-signatures wants Infinity Ward to review the decision on dedicated servers. We have reached out to publisher Activision for comment and are awaiting a response.

PC gamers, what are your thoughts?