Dear Santa: I've been a relatively good girl this year. I hope your elves can make all these great video game things for me!

First, I want this statue of the Creepypasta Majora's Mask Link. You know, so I can have nightmares about catching fire, drowning, and a dead boy named Ben.

Santa, I don't have a Vita (grad students make soooooo much money, don't you know?), so be sure to get me the PS2 version. I watched my old roommate play through it, and now that I don't suck major crap at JRPGs, I'm ready to take this on. Alternatively, you could get me a real-life Teddie. He's one sexy bear-person.

The funny thing is, I hated Hope for 3/4 of FFXIII. But then, suddenly, he wasn't a total turd blossom, and now I'm crushing hard. Well, actually, that's only half the story. My new OTP is Hope x Lightning. There's a great Hope x Lightning doujinshi on the market, but it's in Japanese, and my skills aren't really THAT good. But, then again, who buys doujinshi to do any sort of reading?

How, I mean, HOW adorable would I look in this Skyward Sword Zelda dress? Do I even have to ask? I'm still trying to convince my husband to let me wear this during our big wedding party thingy next summer. I'll keep you updated.

Knowing what you know about me, Santa, don't you agree that I must own this book? I'm working on a virtual ethnography (of bronies!) as we speak, so we could even call this a "required course text," if that makes you feel better about getting it for me.

I can never have enough bags. NEVER. And look at this thing? WHO WOULD NOT WANT TO CARRY THIS? My question necessitates all-caps because the fact that I have to ask it makes me incredibly angry.

Alright, Santa. I'll leave you my leftover pizza and maybe some wine I don't like. We don't have a fireplace, so you'll have to squeeze through the vents in the air conditioner. Good luck, and don't bother coming unless you've brought every single one of these things.

Ali is a former Game Informer editorial intern and is currently a master's student at the University of Minnesota, where she studies games, virtual communities, manga, and other nerdy crap. Follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, or her personal blog.