I used to have a personal blog series called Things I Like, and it was a series of posts with pictures and links to purchasable things I liked on the internet.  It was mostly geeky stuff and fashion stuff, but I thought, I still like sifting through the vast interwebs (especially Etsy!) looking for great geeky stuff--why not share it with my new home community, GIO? Thus begins, Shut Up and Take My Money.  It'll be a blog series featuring cool, nerdy (mostly video game) stuff from around the internet (probably predominantly Etsy) on which you can blow your hard-earned cash. Each post will be picture, rather than text, heavy, and will include links to the page/site where you can purchase the item(s).  Enjoy!

Minecraft magnets.  Like those word magnets you put on your fridge, but cooler and less able to be made into something sexually suggestive by your immature friends.

By DesignNoy on Etsy

Getting married? Like The Legend of Zelda? Have $180 to spend on cake toppers? Then buy these adorable and highly-detailed Link and Zelda toppers made from clay.  The artist also takes customization requests, so if you'd like the characters to be molded into fighting poses, or if you'd like two Links or two Zeldas, she can do it.

By annacrafts on Etsy

Fluttershy is the BEST PONY, OK?

MLP friendship bracelets. I need not say more.  The seller also has Luna, Celestia, and Derpy Hooves available.

By goldeneaglle on Etsy.


In a couple years when everyone forgets that this quote was an overused meme, you'll be glad you bought this embroidered, framed decoration.

By michelle on Etsy.

Want to dress up like Xianghua from SoulCalibur III? Want your girlfriend to dress up like Xianghua from SoulCalibur III? Buy this 100% completed cosplay outfit that won Best Novice Craftsmanship at AUSA 2007.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm one of those people who loves cosplay but knows nothing about it.  Regardless, if we're just talking level of hotness and badassery here, I mean...I'd want this costume.

By Amy on Etsy.

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