I went into this edition of AFVGM thinking I'd tell you all about halc and his amazing chip-tune remixes of some of the best and most recognizable game music out there--but then I stumbled across this gem while perusing OC ReMix: Minecraft composer C418 (Daniel Rosenfeld) does Zelda:

C418's remix

The original, for reference

djpretzel (David W. Lloyd), a prolific remixer and composer for the Xbox 360 game Kaleidoscope, wrote this about C418's contribution:

"This feels like watching a sunrise & a sunset at the same time... ascension, possibility, and transcendence, but tempered with a calming, deliberate pace & even a sense of closure. It's simple, it's humble, but it's also emotional and direct, and I love that the secondary instruments stay out of the way but form a collective entity that completely supports the piano."

This is the first time an original C418 work has been featured on OC ReMix, the popular and extremely high-quality game music remix site.  The track is a slow and pleasant, yet relatively straightforward mix of Skyward Sword's "Ballad of the Goddess," and was composed for inclusion in OC ReMix's album, 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute.  After you give C418's track (which is highly reminiscent of his music for Minecraft) a couple listens, head over to the 25YEARLEGEND homepage.  There, you'll find several other excellent works by game composers like Disasterpeace (of Fez) and Big Giant Circles/Jimmy Hinson (of Mass Effect 2).