Earlier today, I--along with Game Informer video producer/one of my soon-to-be coworkers Ben Hanson (as well as our lovely significant others)--visited Light Grey Art Lab's most recent (and most talked about) exhibit, Battle Royale, which features 151 illustrations of the original 151 Pokemon as interpreted by 151 different artists from around the country.  

Ben Hanson has written up a far more comprehensive and much better blog post detailing the actual art exhibit itself than I care to write (Skyrim is calling me) or probably even could, but here are a couple shots of us perusing the works and posing adorably while Chris Hajny snaps our photo.


If you're wondering which of the pieces was my favorite, it was probably either this one:

(Nidoran F, by Tyler Parker

this one:

(Growlithe, by Domee Shi)

or this one: 

(Tangela, by Niv Bavarsky)

If you live in Minnesota and consider yourself a fan of or even just someone mildly interested in Pokemon, this exhibit should be required going for you.  It runs through May 11th and is located near Nicollet Avenue (26th and Stevens, to be exact) in Minneapolis.  If you're not going to be in the Twin Cities area before the 11th, never fear--you can view most of the works online, as well as purchase prints and have them shipped to your location.