Yeah, you read right: Game Informer recently hired three interns, and I am happy (see: overjoyed/peeing my pants) to announce that I will serve as one of them for the summer of 2012. 


No, but seriously, I am thrilled to be joining the Game Informer team for the summer.  I was clued into the fact that they were taking applications about a month ago when my very dear friend Phil Kollar (as you may well know, a former Associate Editor at Game Informer and now all-around BAMF at Polygon--formerly Vox Games) told me about it, and thought, why not?  I can totes do two completely unrelated jobs this summer (see below for the other one), and holy cow, it's Game Informer.

I definitely haven't taken the typical path to working in games.  I am, first and foremost, an academic.  I am a Master's student in Communication Studies (Critical Media Studies) at the University of Minnesota, where I study manga, Japanese qu33r/sex/pornography culture, and yes, video games.  I also speak a little Japanese (this semester, I learned the very important words for "to stab" and "sexual offender").  But anyway, the point is, I usually study and write about video games in a very different culture than the culture of mainstream games journalism; most of my work is published in journals read by a few dozen people who've spent their whole lives in the ivory tower.  I like it, but it's not exactly the most glamorous, OMG PAY ATTENTION TO ME field, and there isn't a lot of fan/developer/anybody interaction.

So--I am ridiculously excited to be working with Game Informer this summer.  I'm also losing my mind over how cool my two fellow interns are--EDIT (5/9/12)--one is Jack, The Quixotic Gamer (who is amazing/talented/hilarious), and the other is still biding his time before officially announcing his position.  

I'll be writing more in-depth about how excited I am about this opportunity and what kinds of things I'll be working on as the days progress/I stop being in the middle of trying to finish up the semester AND moving to a new apartment all at the same time.  You should also keep an eye out for a more official announcement from the GI staff sometime in the nearish future; the official announcement will include a revamping of my/our GI profiles, as well as fewer references to violent Japanese words and pants-peeing.

In the meantime, here is a fancy bullet list of things that might help you get to know me:

*As aforementioned, I am a Master's student studying Communication Studies (Critical Media Studies emphasis) at the University of Minnesota.  My research specialties include: Qu33r studies, gender studies, sex and pornography studies, censorship laws, game studies, yaoi and yuri manga, and child sexuality studies.  I also speak intermediate Japanese.

*I take my Legend of Zelda very seriously.  My mom and I began playing it back in 1998 (Ocarina of Time in da houuuuse), though I'm pretty sure A Link to the Past took my Zelda virginity.  I now have a Deku Scrub tattoo and wear Zelda underpants on days when I feel like I need superpowers.  

Twenty-three is number one.

*I have a cat named Carl and a hamster named Humbert.  Humbert was named after the character "Humbert Humbert" from Nabokov's Lolita, so he's my little pervert hamster.

*My major research projects to-date include: Work on archetypes of femininity in The Legend of Zelda series, representations of gay men and lesbian women in yaoi and yuri manga, pornography censorship laws in Japan and the West, and child sexual agency and the appropriation of the under-18 body in politics and culture.

*I freaking love chocolate chip pancakes and fried lake fish.  I can eat SO. MUCH. fried fish.

*I'm going to be attempting to beat Ocarina of Time in a day in order to raise money for the MN AIDS Walk, which I'm participating in on May 20th.  

*My current playlist includes Skyrim, FFXIII, Pokemon Black, BioShock, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.  

*I'm hypoglycemic, which means I have a medical excuse to eat an ungodly amount of sugar throughout the day.  In fact, if my blood sugar gets too low, I get scary crabby, scary tired, and then I pass out. So, just assume that if it involves sugar and it is edible, I am going to want to eat it.

The absolute best.

*I'm a graduate instructor at the University of Minnesota, where I attend grad school, which means I teach COMM 1101: Introduction to Public Speaking to undergraduates. It's a pretty baller job, and my students are ridiculously awesome. 

*I wear mismatched socks a majority of the time.  

*I like to bake, take bubble baths, read manga, sing in the car, learn so much my brain hurts, and wear brightly colored clothing.

Well, then, folks, I look forward to working and interacting with you all as 1/3 of the new super-awesome GI internship team!  If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask.  And, if you wanna be pals (I do so love pals), check me out on Twitter, Tumblr, and my personal blog.