I'm house-sitting tonight, and since I initially had some Japanese homework to finish up, my boyfriend got ahead of me in the "Let's play games on this person's MASSIVE TV" queue (he's currently playing Mass Effect 1).  So, I figured, what better time to post another Ali's Favorite Video Game Music entry?

As many of my Twitter followers and other peeps might know, I am a humongous Zelda fan.  A Link to the Past took my Zelda virginity, but the first entry I really fell in love with was Ocarina of Time.  My mom and I have played the game together since it came out way back in 1998 (can you believe that's now fourteen years ago?!), and last spring, I got a Deku Scrub tattoo on my forearm.  I don't fool around.

But anyway, one of the most memorable things about the Zelda series is, of course, its music.  Koji Kondo is the genius behind many of the main themes of the series, though many different people have been credited with significant work on individual soundtracks.

One of my favorite pieces from the entire series is the theme to the Music Box House, found in Majora's Mask's Ikana Canyon.  I love primarily two things about the theme: 1) It has some excellent, predictable harmonies that are easy to follow (I spent almost an entire summer humming along to it in the shower), and 2) It's almost sickeningly happy, which of course is totally inappropriate, considering it's the theme for a music box house which must play the song so creepy zombie monsters (Gidbos) will leave its inhabitants alone.  Also, did I mention one of its inhabitants gets partially turned into a creepy zombie monster?  The theme is technically called "Farewell to Gidbos," which I like a lot, but most people know it as just the "Music Box House Theme."  

This is the regular, in-game version.

And this is the official orchestrated version (the version I prefer).


What are your favorite Zelda tunes?  I'm sure to include more in my future posts, but I'm interested in hearing from others!


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