Internships don’t have the best reputation. Between “go get me coffee” stereotypes, a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, and this, interns have come to be somewhat synonymous with lowly, groveling, herp-derping amateurs. My experience at GI has been absolutely nothing like that.

I’ve been here for nearly five weeks now. Although that may seem like a short amount of time, it’s been packed with plenty of events to keep us busy – E3 coverage, new game releases, next-gen console drama, and Ride to Hell: Retribution, to name a few. Throughout my entire first month here, we interns have been treated with nothing but respect and professionalism. Although our work is unpaid, and we don’t get quite the industry benefits that full-time editors do, we really are a part of the GI team this summer.

Matt Miller is more or less our official intern supervisor. Each week we meet with him to pitch, discuss, and revise ideas for feature articles. Believe it or not, most of the work we do for Game Informer online is entirely initiated by us. Besides writing features, our primary responsibilities include posting news and previews to the website. I’m sure you’ve seen our stories on the feed from time to time. The only thing explicitly omitted from our job description is writing game reviews.

My favorite part of the gig so far? Probably getting to enter the video game vault. There are literally over 9,000 games in there. Though I have to say that contacting indie developers and conducting e-mail Q&A’s back and forth is really cool, too.

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the other two interns, Liz and Brian. We’ve got some good chemistry going on with each other. And, since we’re all coming a decent distance from our respective homes, it’s nice to have a little solidarity.

I still have another five weeks or so to go, but I can already feel the time flying by. I’ll check back in later in the summer with another update.