Xbox One or PS4? I’m certainly not the only gamer who gave consideration to that question. And frankly, I spent more time thinking about, researching, and pondering over this question than any 30 year old should do when it comes to video games. Eventually, I reached a conclusion and made my decision. I chose to purchase an Xbox One. Actually, my wife let me get my Xbox as an early anniversary present and then sat in our home gym watching movies on our small TV so I could have our 50” TV for playing with my new toy. Yes, she is the best wife a man/gamer could ask for.


Roughly a year ago, which system I was planning on purchasing wasn’t even a question. At that point I knew I was going to purchase a PS4. A few months later, with all the talk of the Xbox One not being able to play used games, I was certain I was going to purchase a PS4. But something changed. Of course, Microsoft changed its policies on used games. But there was more than that.


The PS4 games that interested me started to look boring. I’m a fan of platformers and racing games, so PS4 exclusives such as Knack and DriveClub appealed to me. But as I read up on these titles and even got the chance to play Knack at GameStop, neither game really piqued my interest. Compare that with the interest I had for such Xbox One titles as Forza Motorsport 5 and Crimson Dragon, and my attention started to shift from PS4 to Xbox One. But it wasn’t a done deal just yet. Over the course of several months I would go back and forth on which system I wanted and even spend some time sitting on the fence.  So what led to me finally making a decision and moving forward with it? It was a number of different things.


As I’ve already started mentioning, games played a factor in my decision. There are more exclusives for Xbox One that grab my attention than for PS4. I’m not saying there aren’t any good games for the PS4, I’m just saying that there aren’t any that really appeal to me personally. On top of having a number of exclusives that appeal to me, the Xbox One also has all the multiplatform third party games that I want. But now let’s move beyond the topic of games.


Though I do enjoy playing the occasional motion-based game, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of consistently playing games that require me to get up and move around. Still, Kinect interested me. Yes, I know that Sony has a camera out for the PS4 that is quite similar to Kinect. But I don’t exactly get the impression that Sony really backs their camera peripheral. Rather, to me, it seems as though they released the camera just for the sake of doing so since they know that some consumers will want it. Microsoft, on the other hand, is different. How could anyone not feel as though they back the Kinect? The device is included with every Xbox One console and is deeply integrated into the entire Xbox One experience. Microsoft is absolutely behind their product, and it’s obvious. The Kinect is also more advanced than the PS4 camera. Please keep in mind that what I’ve mentioned above regarding Sony not backing their product is my view and opinion, it doesn’t mean I’m right.


I also like what Microsoft has done with the new controller and feel that it makes more sense than what Sony has done with the DualShock 4. One of the new features of the Xbox One controller is the inclusion of individual rumble motors in each trigger. This is an improvement that makes sense and that plenty of developers can make use of. It has obvious applications with both racing and FPS games. One of the biggest changes to Sony’s controller is the inclusion of a touchpad in the center of the controller. I’m not saying this isn’t cool, but it’s like they said ‘ok, well this is something new we can add so let’s do it.’, almost as if they added this feature just for the sake of doing so. Are there even any games out that utilize the touchpad? Also, even though this isn’t a huge deal, I like the look of the One controller better than the DS4. I like the more vibrant colored letters on the buttons rather than the bland colored letters of the DS4.  


Next up is online networks. I enjoyed Xbox Live back when I had an Xbox 360 and was looking forward to getting back on the service. I’m not that crazy about PlayStation Network. It’s not bad, but I like XB Live better.


So, to recap, my reasons for choosing Xbox One over PS4 are as follows: 1) There are more exclusives that appeal to me along with all the multiplatform third party games I want. 2) Kinect is interesting, better backed by MS than the PS4 camera seems to be by Sony and is more advanced than Sony’s camera. 3) I prefer the improvements made to the One controller over the DS4 and like the look of it more than the DS4. 4) I like XB Live better than PS Network.