Saints Row 4 began life as an expansion to Saints Row: The Third, but over time it evolved into a full-fledged sequel. The development of this game started during the fall of THQ and acquisition by Deep Silver certainly made for a more rocky development time, and it shows in the finished game.



                The main addition to this game from its predecessor is super powers, which really does change how you will play the game most of the time. The game can get away with this by having most of the game take place is a simulation (aka matrix) of Steelport instead of the real world. For example the addition of super speed and a supper jump makes it so cars are useless as a means for transportation when you can just over buildings and entire blocks in a single jump. But the offensive powers take more of a complimentary stance to your arsenal rather than substitute position. But thankfully your arsenal is more than enough to deal with the alien invaders thanks to many of a fun new weapons, such as the dub step gun which even if you don't like dub step you will end up loving it. Well combat in Saints Row has never really been hard and with the addition of super powers some people may think it will remove all challenge from the game. But that is just not the case, to try and balance the game they have drastically slowed down the speed of HP recovery so you can't just hide behind a rock. But instead you have to keep fighting because enemies now drop heals. So keeping on the offensive is how you will keep on living not hiding.


                The addition of the powers is great but them being so fun and changing how you play the game only makes it very jarring when they are taken away from you. This sadly is a lot, because in almost every main story mission you are stripped from them making the game pretty much just the third but which a dub step gun (which makes everything better). And seeing as their main selling point is the powers I was expecting some great uses of the powers in set pieces in the story and was let down. It is also disappointing that every side quest outside of the loyalty missions are just your crew telling you to go do the side activities, which are not all that memorable or all that interesting besides a few of them.



                Then pile on some pain in the ass tech issues and then at times your experience with the game can be just be frustrating. The game suffers from fairly common slow down which when jumping for building to building can ruin some of the fun of it. But the major problem I had with this is freezing. In my with the game it must have frozen 6 or so times. It sometimes hit when I was in a mission, which I had to then redo the whole thing or just running around the city. And around 3 times the game froze after I went into the mission screen to check something. It really pissed me off being in the middle of something, even the final boss fight once and then have the game freeze the having to do everything I just did over.        


                But thankful the humor of this game saves it from just being some mediocre game for me. The game is really funny poking fun at different si-fi games and movies, along with many other subjects. Most of the characters are very likable and memorable thanks to the good writing, and being able to "romance" most of them with a push of a button helps too. While some of the main missions are disappointing thanks to no powers they do make up for it most of the time by being pretty funny. If I have to deal with some disappointing missions, pain in the ass tech issues so that I can be a super powered toilet wielding a henti tentacle bat (or dub step gun) while being voiced by Nolan North then that's what I will deal with.



                  While the game does tech issues and some boring missions to play the additions of super powers and humor do save the day for me. Jumping all around Steelport while could not sound that fun in words to some I had a blast doing it. The main missions while not as fun as they could be to play thanks to the loss of your super powers the humor in they does make it worthwhile. The tech issues with this can piss people off I they keep running into them, which is understandable. But the main joy I had with this game like Saints Row: The Third can from the clever writing a humor of it, and if a person likes to laugh while playing a game they could do worse.   



I give this a 7.75/10.