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Hello, and welcome to another of my blogs. With the upcoming Lego batman 3 coming into store soon, I tough of what I would love to see next from the Lego video games department. A new Lego Loco style game. Lego Loco is a game for the PC released on 1998, where the player got to create a town, make postcards and spend time in a virtual Lego city of your own creation.

Lego does have an expanded line of sets since 1998: Pirates, Space, Castle, City, Friends, Bionicle, etc.; that it can use to create more varied cities than before. The platform could very well embrace various devices such as: WiiU (touchpad), 3DS, PC, ISO, Android; to communicate and share/visit the creations of our fellow Lego builders. 

So, what do you think?