1. Little Mac

Little Mac is number 1 on this list because he is shown to have the most unique play style of any of the newcomers or veterans. His extreme speed and power help him dodge, counter, stun, and launch enemies. His game back on the NES is still fun to play after all these years.


Other-characters-little mac.gif

2. Megaman and Pac-man

I was unable to decide which of these icons should be nearest to the number 1 spot so I chose both for the second spot. They both maintain their classic forms while they bring a large arsenal of weapons and references to help them fight alongside the other nintendo characters.



3. Rosalina and Luma

Rosalina appears to play like the Ice Climbers but her ability to control Luma makes her unique. Even though the smash games are crowded with mario characters, Rosalina still feels like a fresh addition to the smash brothers team.



4. Greninja

Despite being chosen for the roster before his debut in the Pokemon series and his attacks being unknown to Sakurai, Greninja's attacks are great. He seems like a worthy answer to Mewtwo.



5. Palutena

Palutena brings another NES character to the fray. She appears to be a very powerful character who also boasts in speed. While I am not sure about her inclusion, it still expands the evergrowing roster.




Boasting in multiple costumes and odd but creative move list, the Villager is a good choice but he seems to be a very odd choice.




7. Wii Fit Trainer

It almost seems like a desperate attempt to sell the Wii Fit. At least it is another character.

Other-characters-wii fit trainer.gif


8. Mii

Something seems wrong about having Miis among famous video game characters. I feel it makes the point of other characters nonexistent.


Other-characters-mii fighter.gif