In these reviews, I will review a game from at least two console generations ago. The games will be judged mostly as if I was reviewing them back in the year they were released. These reviews may be personal favorites of mine or one of my most hated games. Some of these reviews will be biased.  



Pikmin is far from your average Nintendo game. Its gameplay is unlike anything seen in the past. It also stands as a perfect medium between the cutest thing you have ever seem and the most horrifying. Either way, it is unique.


You control a space captain named Olimar. After crash landing on a  strange planet that resembles Earth, Olimar finds his life in danger due to the amount of toxic oxygen in the air and his life support systems will fail in 30 days. Olimars space ship is severely damaged with 30 parts missing. Luckily, the space captain comes across adorable plant-like creatures that are willing to help you recover these parts and fight the hostile but cute creatures that inhabit the planet.

Olimar is nearly helpless with out his pikmin. Olimar can throw them to pick up ship parts and take them back to your ship or attack enemies and bring the corpse of a fallen foe back to the pikmin ship to increase the total pikmin population. Each type of pikmin has its own ability that is needed to solve certain puzzles. Red pikmin are strong and immune to fire, yellow pikmin can be thrown higher and can wield bombs, and blue pikmin have gills that allow them to travel under water. The variety of ways the pikmin can die is heartbreaking. They are often burned, smashed, eaten, drowned, or even fooled into fighting other pikmin. This is just horrifiying. Unfortunately, the pikmin won't always do what you want. They will tend to attack enemies you did not target or get seperated from you if you make a sharp turn near a wall.

The game consists of 30 days. Each day will be 15 minutes long. making the game a little short. Some people could beat it within a few hours at the ended each day any pikmin not with you at the time will fall victim to the nocturnal predators on the planet.

For the time it was released, pikmin was a great looking game but the graphics have aged. Many people may find the small amount of a certain area you can see irritating but it was intended to be this way so you can't find every ship part at once. There is a wide variety of enemies to fight. Some require certain tricks to beat. Along with the normal enemies you also fight large bosses which are normally in an arena shaped structure.

While you are trying to collect all 30 parts there are only 25 certain parts needed in order to not receive the worst ending in the game. Instead, these 25 parts will give you the medium ending. In order to get the best ending you must get 29 parts until you travel to the final zone in the game. This final zone will test everything you learned in the game previously. At the end of the final zone you will be faced with the final boss that is harder to defeat than anything else the game. Defeating It will earn you the best ending.



Unique gameplay, cute creatures, enemy and gameplay varitey



Sometime pikmin are dumb, short game