5. Robin (Tim Drake)

The 3rd Robin and easily the smartest. As a 9 year old boy, Tim was able to uncover Batman and Nightwing's secret identities. With a new costume and gadgets, Tim was able to avoid an untimely death like Jason Todd who was Robin before him. Incredibly smart and strong, Tim is able to take On super villains like The Joker, Bane, and Two Face alone.


4. Raven (Rachel Roth)

She may be angry very often, but it is only because she is the daughter of a demon. Despite her grumpy additude, she cares about her companions more than anything. She will use all of her powers to save her friends even if it means putting herself through physical and mental anguish.




3. Cyborg (Victor Stone)

A normal boy terribly scared in a freak accident, Victor's body was outfitted with metal plates and robotic prostetics. Altering the technology, he used it to fight evil. He was quickly promoted from a member of the Teen Titans to a main member of the Justice League.

2. Superman  (Kal El/ Clark Kent)

An alien from a far away planet, Kal El was the chance for his race to survive. Upon arriving to Earth, his cells reacted to the sun and he was given powers unlike anything else Earth has seen. He used these powers to fight evil of all kinds.



1. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

A hero born from his own pain and suffering, Bruce has had almost everyone he loved taken away from him. His parents, two of his sidekicks were killed and another sidekick completly crippled. He induces fear keep criminals from committing their crimes and those who commit crimes anyways meet the true face of fear who is Batman himself.